3 common misconceptions about penetration testing that you should ignore

Despite the great assistance that penetration testing provides to organisations seeking to ensure that their computer systems boast the most watertight security, the practice still has a certain stigma in some quarters.

The cost may put you off seeking to carry out pen tests, or perhaps you feel that your organisation doesn’t have a problem with security.

However, here at Sec-Tec, our advice is to ignore the naysayers and get your company’s computer system pen tested to make sure you’re fully protected.

Here are just three of the misconceived claims that those naysayers make.

Penetration testing is basic – it only uses one method

On the contrary, there are several different methods that penetration testers adopt to help identify as many weaknesses in a system as possible.

There are two main methods: internal testing can show how someone with basic employee access could make their way through your firewall, while external testing can show how a hacker could access your company’s systems with no information at all.

Sec-Tec uses up-to-date methodologies that allow us to highlight the ways your firm’s security systems could be breached. New hacking methods are cropping up all the time and we stay on top of them to keep your company safe.

Companies without security problems don’t need it

A company not having identified a problem with their security system doesn’t mean there isn’t one – or several - present.

Hackers have the ability to exploit weaknesses that companies have next to no chance of spotting themselves. Assuming that you don’t have a security problem could lead to a huge breach of valuable data.

When you hire the services of a penetration tester, they will gladly point out the multitude of ways hackers could worm their way past your firewalls.

It’s much better to have a penetration tester tell you about all of the ways your network is unsafe for a one-off fee than waiting for a hacker to let you know by stealing enough vital data to bring your company to its knees.

Tests cost businesses too much money

This may have been the case years ago, but with the profession of penetration testing growing and more people offering the service, prices have become more competitive. This has made pen testing much more accessible for smaller companies, rather than merely huge corporations.

Penetration testers often price the work that they carry out based on the size of the company they will be working with, or the block of the IP address. It means that almost any organisation can afford to take advantage of penetration testing.

Here at Sec-Tec, we offer our comprehensive pen testing services to our customers at a price that will help them to achieve the necessary protection for their company without breaking their budget. We listen to the needs of our customers and discuss the best way we can help while working within a given price range.

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