Beat the hackers at their own game with penetration testing

Security breaches can bring a company to its knees. Hackers who steal private information about a company or leak the bank details of customers can cost businesses dearly by blackmailing them or causing them to be fined severely for breaching the Data Protection Act.

By investing in penetration testing undertaken by an expert ethical hacker, your firm can fight fire with fire and reinforce its security.

Keeping your business safe with ‘ethical hacking’

Penetration testing has also been nicknamed the ‘ethical hackers’, because penetration testers perform a very similar function to malicious hackers, except that they’re the good guys. Their hacking efforts are geared towards educating companies on common security pitfalls and how they can prevent valuable data from being stolen in the future.

Penetration testers attempt to exploit a business’s web applications or computer system – either within the company or externally – to highlight the weaknesses in their security. This can be performed with some minor details on the organisation to speed up the hacking process, or without any information at all to better simulate an attack from a malicious outsider.

The openings in your firm’s security architecture can then be patched up to fortify it against future malicious cyber-attacks.

Human penetration testers are much more efficient than automatic programs because they can identify the weaknesses that those programs can’t and demonstrate just how easily an actual hacker could bypass a company’s security infrastructure. Artificial intelligence is, after all, artificial.

Stay ahead of the game

Hackers are finding more and more ways to breach the security of different companies every day. We live among a generation of young native digital learners that are capable of finding new ways of attacking firms that older generations wouldn’t have ever considered.

One of the biggest security breaches of 2015 was TalkTalk, which had thousands of bank details stolen and ransomed – along with other company and personal customer information – by a 19-year-old from Wales.

Penetration testing evolves along with hacking. The methodology used changes to include new hacking techniques to help organisations to understand the latest risks posed to their business. Testers are trained to keep on top of the latest developments in the world of hacking to make them better at their job.

Professional penetration testing available from Sec-Tec

Sec-Tec provides professional penetration testing for businesses internally and externally, with knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and hacking techniques to help keep security infrastructures safe and kink-free. Contact us today to find out more about the different types of pen tests we can offer to your firm.