Election ‘hacking’ controversy once again highlights pressing importance of penetration testing

Whatever your opinion of the controversy over supposed Russian attempts to interfere with the recent US election – amid suggestions that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence campaign” aimed at harming Hillary Clinton’s chances of victory – there’s no question that security has been a subject at the forefront of many people’s minds as of late.

While we can hardly express a stance on the latest headlines either way here at Sec-Tec, one thing we do know is that penetration testing services remain of immense importance to public and private sector organisations alike.

Your organisation’s protection of its confidential data depends greatly on the identification and elimination of potential loopholes in your IT infrastructure – but have you done everything possible to ensure this is the case at your own firm?

A thorough approach to penetration testing

Here at Sec-Tec, we know that if you are considering our services, your firm is hardly likely to have the same resources as a sovereign state, but you will still want to ensure that your security arrangements are as robust as they can be. It’s why we do not charge for the initial automated stages of remote security assessments, while also providing free-of-charge re-tests to ensure the successful implementation of corrective actions.

Whatever your organisation’s budget, in fact, we can almost certainly cater to your requirements, drawing upon considerable knowledge and experience in our delivery of the most suitable penetration testing services. We perform more than 100 penetration tests every year for organisations of all manner of types and locations, accompanied by accurate and objective reports summarised in a way that is useful even for non-technical readers.

Whether you are interested in Public Sector Network (PSN) health checks, infrastructure security assessments, web application security assessments, desktop security assessments or Wi-Fi security assessments – among various other relevant services – we take an all-encompassing approach, utilising the finest technologies and methodologies available.

Talk to Sec-Tec about our industry-leading know-how

Are you interested in learning more about the security assessments that will best serve your own organisation? Contact the Sec-Tec team now for guidance in relation to our complete penetration testing process, and the very real benefits that your organisation can gain, stretching well beyond mere peace of mind.