How can Sec-Tec keep your company protected against cyber attacks?

You may already know what a penetration test consists of and might not be enthusiastic about the idea of letting someone else essentially make their way into the areas of your network where the most valuable information is stored.

However, you shouldn’t let that put you off, as penetration testing is one of the most effective ways to measure your organisation’s information security efforts.

Here at Sec-Tec, we operate to the highest levels of professionalism, as stipulated by the highest industry standards, and utilise the most effective methodologies to ensure we identify the biggest weaknesses in your system and advise on how to patch them up.

Research and planning

To assess an environment, we first agree with the client on how much information we will be provided when conducting our pen test.

Sometimes this can mean no information at all, which requires us to conduct open source research, more accurately representing the conditions in which a real cyber attack would take place.

Once that has been agreed upon, we perform an initial vulnerability test, using a number of the best commercial and open source tools, to quickly identify any of the most obvious holes in the security of your system.

Manual testing

After validating the results of the initial vulnerability test and confirming risk ratings, we can begin the actual penetration testing. This can be internal or external, simulating the work of an external cybercriminal or disgruntled employee.

Our tests encompass both automated and manual testing. Automated testing provides quick and broad coverage of larger, but cannot reliably detect all of the vulnerabilities that a hacker would be able to spot.

This is why we utilise a combination of manual and automated testing to make sure we identify every possible vulnerability.

Our final review and report

Once we’ve performed the test, we will provide you with a hand-drafted report that will document the flaws in your network’s security and show exactly what needs to be done to amend the problem. We provide feedback using the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) and include details about the proper corrective action to take.

We’re dedicated to working closely with our clients to make sure they take the necessary steps to fortify their network against malicious cyber attacks.

For more information about having a professional penetration test carried out for your business and the bespoke testing services that we can offer, feel free to contact the Sec-Tec team today.