Keep your company's network secure with penetration testing from Sec-Tec

Here at Sec-Tec, we provide organisations of all types with crucial penetration tests that help to prevent their valuable information from falling into the wrong hands as a result of a security breach.

Our penetration testing service presents findings to you in a language that you can understand, listing all of the changes that need to be made alongside advice on how to carry them out.

Choose us for truly thorough penetration testing

It may be easier than you realise for those who hack and leak data regularly to breach your seemingly secure network. Indeed, it may be possible for almost anyone to gain access to your systems, which is why Sec-Tec carries out a comprehensive array of security tests to help to prevent any sort of breach, whether in the short or medium term.

Organisations that connect to a Public Sector Network (PSN) need to undergo regular assessments to help ensure that they stay compliant and don’t suffer any compromise to their systems. Sec-Tec efficiently provides all of these necessary PSN Health Checks, taking into account all of the essential requirements.

We can also carry out assessments of the security of your network infrastructure, testing the routers, servers and switches for any and all vulnerabilities that could put your network at risk. We highlight all discrepancies in the configurations and alert you when crucial patches are not present.

Our services extend to ensuring the security of web applications, Wi-Fi connections and desktops. After all, attackers may be able to breach even such commonly used applications as Adobe Acrobat to gain access to your systems if the right security is not in place.

We can even undertake social engineering assessments to assist your firm in its efforts to avoid phishing scams, by assessing not only your organisation’s technical responses, but also your staff awareness of phishing attacks.

Trust only Sec-Tec for penetration testing

The Sec-Tec team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your organisation’s network. We understand how detrimental and damaging a data breach can be, and our comprehensive checks will help you to keep your infrastructure security up to date, using only state-of-the-art technology and highly effective methods of testing.

Contact our professional team today for more information on the penetration testing services that could bring considerable value for your own organisation, including in such areas of expertise as PSN Health Checks, infrastructure security assessments, Wi-Fi security assessments and many more.