Sec-Tec announces Fixed Price PSN ITHC Health Check Service

Anyone who manages a PSN (Public Sector Network) connected organisation will know well the hard work and anxiety that the annual PSN submission can cause. Well, thankfully, there is now one less thing to worry about as Sec-Tec launches a fixed price PSN health check service, conducted by Tigerscheme certified consultants.

Procuring the annual PSN submission can be a time consuming process that often needs to be done well ahead of submission time. The Sec-Tec PSN health check service provides organisations with a straightforward route to purchase at a fixed cost, which can reduce overheads, and importantly, time.

The cost of the service is based on the number of external IP addresses and websites that require testing. Pricing includes both external and internal aspects of the PSN health check, together with all travel and subsistence charges.

All requirements of the PSN health check scope are met, including required build reviews, WiFi assessment, and Sec-Tec’s Tigerscheme qualified consultants will work with the client to define the optimum scope for your organisation. Sec-Tec have conducted GCSx/PSN health checks since inception, so we have the experience to help you through what can be a challenging time.

For more information go to our PSN Health Checks page.