Types of penetration testing and their role in protecting company assets from hackers

Your company computer systems or web applications are at constant risk of hacker breach, especially if they hold valuable information about your customers. If your company is to remain compliant with the Data Protection Act and prevent information theft, penetration testing is therefore essential.

Penetration tests work in a similar way to a hacker attack. A tester will work to find vulnerabilities within your systems, and achieve access by exploiting one or more of these vulnerabilities. These tests highlight the discrepancies in your organisation’s security in a manner that doesn’t put its assets or data in danger of theft or tampering.

Such testing can provide you with comprehensive information about your firm’s security, allowing you to take the steps necessary to bulk up the weak areas and correct the identified issues.

External and internal coverage

External testing involves the tester attempting to access Internet visible systems from the outside. These can include email servers, domain name servers and firewalls. External tests are undertaken to determine how far an outsider could get into your firm’s computer systems before they hit a wall.

Internal testing, meanwhile, helps you to understand the amount of harm an employee or physical infiltrator of your company could cause. The tester works with regular employee-level access and an authorised user account.

As much as you may trust your employees, a disgruntled user, or malicious employee at a third party contractor could still be capable of costing your company dearly. All forms of Sec-Tec pen testing not only identify failings in a computer system’s security, but also aid in resolving them to prevent unwanted access.

Blind pen testing

One method often adopted by pen testers is the blind test approach. Penetration tests are usually carried out by testers who have already gathered a lot of information about a company to help them access a network more easily.

A blind test takes place with no prior knowledge of the company on the tester’s part, accurately representing the conditions under which many actual hackers would work. A lot of reconnaissance is often required by testers if they are to find vulnerabilities in a company infrastructure’s security when using the ‘blind test’ approach.

Request professional testing from Sec-Tec

Here at Sec-Tec, we strive to do our bit to keep your company compliant and prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands. Hackers don’t follow the rules and will do whatever they can to access your valuable data and use it in malicious ways.

Our penetration tests can help to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Get in touch to learn more about our full range of PSN health checks, infrastructure assessments and many more efficient and informative penetration testing services.