Let's talk about data security in the age of the 'new normal' with folks from FireEye, Microsoft, Splunk – and more

The Register - Fri, 02/10/2020 - 17:00
Catch up with cybersecurity heavyweights in the comfort of your living room via Rubrik's virtual Data Security Summit

Promo  After six months of the so-called new normal, are you ready to take a breath? Or are you acutely aware that the real threats to your organization are only now becoming clear?…

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Complexity has broken computer security, says academic who helped spot Meltdown and Spectre flaws

The Register - Fri, 02/10/2020 - 16:15
Graz University of Tech's Daniel Gruss thinks natural sciences can save us

Complexity has broken cybersecurity, but a reappraisal of computer science can keep us safe.…

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Russia and China's 'digital authoritarianism' means we need to better arm our cyber troops, warns top UK general

The Register - Fri, 02/10/2020 - 10:15
New era, new weapons needed, says Chief of the Defence Staff

Britain's enemies are investing more and more in cyber warfare capabilities, the UK's top general has warned – singling out Russia and its "digital authoritarianism".…

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Your comms may be paperless, but are they actually secure? Thought so...

The Register - Fri, 02/10/2020 - 07:00
Learn how to get it right with El Reg and Echoworx (...Echoworx) (...Echoworx)

Webcast  The idea of the paperless office has been with us since, probably, the invention of paper. But like the 15-hour working week and the flying-car commute, it always seems to be just over the rainbow of practicality.…

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US govt wins right to snaffle Edward Snowden's $5m+ book royalties, speech fees – and all future related earnings

The Register - Fri, 02/10/2020 - 04:56
Big blow to big whistleblower

The US government's Department of Justice has won its multi-million-dollar claim to Edward Snowden's Permanent Record book royalties as well as any future related earnings.…

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How's this for overachieving? Man accused of running software outfit as a Ponzi scheme while on parole from previous fraud

The Register - Fri, 02/10/2020 - 04:10
Halfway-house stay led to $7m loss to investors, Feds claim

A convicted fraudster was out on parole when he allegedly conned victims into giving him millions of dollars to place surefire sports bets on their behalf using special software that didn't actually exist.…

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Tokyo Stock Exchange breaks new record. Sadly, not a good one... its longest ever outage

The Register - Fri, 02/10/2020 - 03:14
Fujtisu kit on the floor tho bourse takes the blame for day-long dead zone

Tokyo’s Stock Exchange (TSE) went offline for most of Thursday, its longest-ever outage and a very unwelcome one as it is the world’s third-largest bourse, when measured by market capitalisation.…

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Cloud biz Blackbaud admits ransomware crims may have captured folks' bank info, months after saying that everything's fine

The Register - Thu, 01/10/2020 - 21:59
The same lot who bought off crooks in May but kept quiet till July

+Comment  Blackbaud, the cloud CRM provider whose execs bought off ransomware crooks in exchange for a pinky promise that stolen data would not be misused, has now confessed that customers' bank account information may have been taken from its servers by the criminals.…

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Huawei's UK code reviewers say the company is still crap at basic software security

The Register - Thu, 01/10/2020 - 14:00
Last year telcos scrambled to plug 'critical user-facing vuln' in Chinese network kit security researchers examining Huawei source code have so far verified just eight firmware binaries out of more than 60 used across Britain's mobile phone networks, according to the GCHQ-backed agency's annual report.…

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UK data watchdog confirms it's probing complaints about spammy marketing for NHS COVID-19 contact-tracing app

The Register - Thu, 01/10/2020 - 10:05
NHS Digital: 'Matter of public health importance to encourage people to download the app'

Exclusive  The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has confirmed it is investigating grumbles about heavy-handed marketing emails and texts promoting the NHS COVID-19 contact-tracing app in England.…

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Chap beats rap in WhatsApp zap flap: Russian banker walks from insider trading case after deleting software

The Register - Thu, 01/10/2020 - 07:53
Brit financial watchdogs foxed by not guilty verdict

A Russian ex-banker has been found not guilty of destroying potential evidence after he deleted a copy of WhatsApp from his phone before handing it over to police.…

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Singapore to treat infosec as equivalent public good to fresh running water

The Register - Thu, 01/10/2020 - 06:13

The assistant chief executive of Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency, Brigadier General Gaurav Keerthi, says the island nation now considers providing a secure environment to citizens and businesses the equivalent of providing fresh water and sewerage services, and will next week improve digital hygiene with a voluntary scheme that will rate the security consumer broadband gateways.…

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Diplomats are supposed to be subtle and clever. Australia’s just leaked 1,000 citizens’ email addresses

The Register - Thu, 01/10/2020 - 05:23
And not just any citizens, but folks stranded overseas and in dire need of assistance

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has just exposed personal details of over 1,000 citizens in an email.…

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Business top brass are terrified their companies will simply be collateral damage in a future cyber-war

The Register - Wed, 30/09/2020 - 22:11
Organizations need not fear a direct hit – someone knackering the internet or the grid would be enough

Businesses are worrying about being caught in the crossfire of cyber warfare, according to research from Bitdefender – while industry figures warn that the gap between common-or-garden cyber threats and “oh, look what nation states are doing” is becoming ever smaller.…

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Russian hacker, described as 'brilliant' by judge, gets seven years in a US clink for raiding LinkedIn, Dropbox

The Register - Wed, 30/09/2020 - 21:15
Yevgeniy Nikulin, grabbed in Prague, unlikely to see his mother alive again after swiping 200m+ user records

A Russian scumbag found guilty of hacking into LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Formspring – and stealing data on over 200 million users – has been sent down for more than seven years.…

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