Gamers Beware: Nvidia Fixes High-Severity GeForce Experience Bug

Kapersky Labs - Wed, 27/03/2019 - 15:37
Versions of GeForce Experience for Windows before 3.18 are open to a bug that can allow denial of service and remote code execution.
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Cybercriminals Have a Heyday with WinRAR Bug in Fresh Campaigns

Kapersky Labs - Wed, 27/03/2019 - 15:26
With new attacks on the Israeli military and social-work educators, exploitation of the 19-year-old flaw shows no signs of slowing down.
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Ransomware Behind Norsk Hydro Attack Takes On Wiper-Like Capabilities

Kapersky Labs - Wed, 27/03/2019 - 12:48
Researchers are still looking for answers when it comes to LockerGoga's initial infection method - and what the attackers behind the ransomware really want.
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Yeah, you better, you... you better tell us how you're misusing people's data, privacy, watchdog suggests to US telcos

The Register - Wed, 27/03/2019 - 00:15
Cellular networks asked nicely to 'fess up or something might, maybe, happen some day

The US Federal Trade Commission has asked seven American providers of mobile broadband service to provide details about how they deal with customer and device data.…

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Asus: Yo dawg, we hear a million of you got pwned by a software update. So we got you an update for the update

The Register - Tue, 26/03/2019 - 18:45
PC maker emits legit version of its driver, BIOS upgrade util after supply chain hijack

Asus has released an update for its software update utility to rid about a million of its notebooks of a spyware-laden software update pushed to victims by its software update system.…

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ASUS Patches Live Update Bug That Allowed APT to Infect Thousands of PCs

Kapersky Labs - Tue, 26/03/2019 - 15:35
If users have an impacted devices, they need to immediately run a backup of their files and restore their operating system to factory settings, said ASUS
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Apple iOS 12.2 Patches 51 Serious Flaws

Kapersky Labs - Tue, 26/03/2019 - 13:54
Apple patched more than 50 flaws in iOS 12.2, including an array of bugs in Webkit and a vulnerability that allows apps to secretly listen to users.
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DXC security exec: Yes, I'd have thought we'd spend more on certs and laptop kit for staff, too

The Register - Tue, 26/03/2019 - 09:08
Boss makes staggering admission during conf-call to discuss impact of latest cost purge: $60m to be cut from infosec division

Exclusive  A senior exec within DXC Technology's global security practice has acknowledged his staff's "puzzlement" at the company's reluctance to fund examinations for infosec certifications.…

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Huge news from Apple: No, not mags, games or TV – more than 50 patched security bugs

The Register - Tue, 26/03/2019 - 00:18
Apple rolls out repairs for 51 iOS flaws, including nasty ones

In addition to teasing the world with a glimpse of subscriptions services for newspapers and magazines, gaming, and video entertainment, Apple on Monday released iOS 12.2, which patches 51 security vulnerabilities.…

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