Another data-leaking Spectre bug found, smashes Intel, Arm defenses

The Register - Tue, 15/03/2022 - 09:22
Your processor design fell off the vulnerability tree and hit every branch on the way down

Analysis  Intel this month published an advisory to address a novel Spectre v2 vulnerability in its processors that can be exploited by malware to steal data from memory that should otherwise be off limits.…

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NASA in 'serious jeopardy' due to big black hole in security

The Register - Tue, 15/03/2022 - 06:15
Auditor finds space agency defends Classified info well, isn't paying attention to valuable Unclassified data

An audit of NASA's infosec preparedness against insider threats has warned it faces "serious jeopardy to operations" due to lack of protection for Unclassified information.…

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine tears open political rift between cybercriminals

The Register - Tue, 15/03/2022 - 01:02
Is the West OK when the gun points the other way?

Cybercriminals are taking sides over Russia's deadly invasion of Ukraine, putting either the West or Moscow in their sights, according to Accenture.…

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China claims it has captured NSA NOPEN cyber-weapon

The Register - Mon, 14/03/2022 - 19:28
Pot, meet kettle

China claims it has obtained a sample of malware used by the NSA to steal files, monitor and redirect network traffic, and remotely control computers to spy on foreign targets.…

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Viasat, Rosneft hit by cyberattacks as Ukraine war spills online

The Register - Mon, 14/03/2022 - 17:02
One shows signs of a state-sponsored instrusion, the other potentially not

Signs of Russian cyberattacks on Western-owned digital systems have begun to emerge – even as the German arm of Russian oil company Rosneft said it was breached over the weekend.…

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New US law: Cyberattacks to be reported within 72 hours

The Register - Mon, 14/03/2022 - 12:47
Plus: Criminals use contact forms to spread BazarBackdoor, ServiceNow leaks, and more

In brief  A US bill that would require critical infrastructure operators to report cyberattacks within 72 hours is headed to President Joe Biden's desk to be signed into law.…

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Brit techie shows us life in Ukraine amid Russian invasion

The Register - Mon, 14/03/2022 - 11:15
Martial law, no booze sales, big queues for trains westwards

Pics  British infosec pro Vic Harkness traveled to Ukraine to offer humanitarian help – and while taking a break in the western city of Lviv she described to The Register what it's like in the war-torn country.…

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China: attacks from US IP addresses hit us, moved on to Russia and Ukraine

The Register - Mon, 14/03/2022 - 06:58
Offers list of IP addresses that look like they're hosted at carriers and colos – hardly the stuff of super-spies

China's Cyberspace Administration has claimed that "since late February" it has observed continuous attacks on the Chinese internet and local computers by actors who used the resources they co-opted to target Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.…

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Russia labels Meta an 'extremist' organization, bans Instagram

The Register - Mon, 14/03/2022 - 05:59
As Ukraine calls for big tech to end support for its products in Russia

Russia's Investigative Committee, the nation's peak criminal and anti-corruption investigation body, has opened a probe into whether Meta is an extremist organization.…

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Taiwan rounds up 60 Chinese tech workers on suspicion of poaching tech and people

The Register - Mon, 14/03/2022 - 04:59
The fight against economic espionage and skullduggery continues

Taiwan's Ministry of Justice has tasked its Investigation Bureau to conduct a series of raids around the island and hauled in 60 Chinese nationals suspected of lifting trade secrets or poaching talent from China-owned firms.…

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Singapore uncovers four critical vulnerabilities in Riverbed software

The Register - Fri, 11/03/2022 - 22:49
Details emerge of the now-patched flaws

Singapore's Cyber Security Group, an agency charged with securing the nation's cyberspace, has uncovered four critical flaws in code from network software company Riverbed.…

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Dunno about you, but we're seeing an 800% increase in cyberattacks, says one MSP

The Register - Fri, 11/03/2022 - 17:40
Cyberwarfare escalates for some as Russia continues to invade Ukraine

Revenge and inflation are key drivers behind an 800 percent increase in cyberattacks seen by a managed services provider since the days before the onset of Russia's invasion of Ukraine last month, according to the company's top executive.…

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Infosys, Wipro silent on their Russian operations

The Register - Fri, 11/03/2022 - 08:01
IT giants reportedly contemplating relocation of Eastern European ops

Indian IT services giants Infosys and Wipro both operate offices in Russia - and neither is saying what will become of them.…

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Moscow to issue HTTPS certs to Russian websites

The Register - Fri, 11/03/2022 - 04:55
Meanwhile, Anonymous claims it's popped Putin's comms regulator

Moscow has set up its own certificate authority to issue TLS certs to Russians affected by sanctions or otherwise punished for president Putin's invasion of Ukraine.…

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Canadian accused of unleashing NetWalker ransomware extradited

The Register - Fri, 11/03/2022 - 01:46
More than $28m in crypto-coins found in home, it is claimed

US prosecutors on Thursday said they have extradited a Canadian man to America to face charges that he conspired to distribute ransomware.…

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Analysis of leaked Conti files blows lid off ransomware gang

The Register - Fri, 11/03/2022 - 00:30
Not only is this payback sweet, it gives network defenders valuable intelligence

It was a Ukrainian security specialist who apparently turned the tables on the notorious Russia-based Conti, and leaked the ransomware gang's source code, chat logs, and tons of other sensitive data about the gang's operations, tools, and costs. …

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Fortinet says it’s all about the security ASICs

The Register - Thu, 10/03/2022 - 22:21
Xie claims his custom chips lower infosec computing costs by up to 10x

As security and networking converge, Fortinet CEO Ken Xie said the company he co-founded will win this particular $200bn market with its custom application-specific ICs, or ASIC chips.…

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WhatsApp emits extension to detect tampering with desktop web apps

The Register - Thu, 10/03/2022 - 21:04
Code Verify tool confers with Cloudflare to warn of any shenanigans

WhatsApp and Cloudflare have teamed up to provide desktop users of WhatsApp's web client with a browser extension called Code Verify that checks the integrity of the software running in their browser.…

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Alleged REvil suspect extradited and arraigned on ransomware spree charges

The Register - Thu, 10/03/2022 - 15:55
Little doubt about US federal court outcome

A Ukrainian national alleged to be a member of the REvil ransomware gang has been extradited to the US and charged with multiple criminal offences.…

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Mitel VoIP systems used in staggering DDoS attacks

The Register - Thu, 10/03/2022 - 12:28
One malicious network packet can theoretically spark billions more against a victim

Miscreants have launched massive, amplified distributed denial-of-service attacks by exploiting a vulnerability in Mitel collaboration systems.…

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