$30/month email upstart Superhuman brought low with a blast of privacy Kryptonite

The Register - Wed, 03/07/2019 - 07:04
Tech exec challenges startup over default tracking

Superhuman, an email startup betting people who deal with a lot of messages will pay $30 a month for a more organized inbox, has come under fire for not providing privacy by default.…

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We are shocked to learn oppressive authoritarian surveillance state China injects spyware into foreigners' smartphones

The Register - Tue, 02/07/2019 - 20:55
Border cops accused of loading tourists' mobiles up with snoop app in Muslim area

Authorities in a tumultuous region of China are ordering tourists and other visitors to install spyware on their smartphones, it is claimed.…

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July is here – and so are the latest Android security fixes. Plenty of critical updates for all

The Register - Tue, 02/07/2019 - 00:20
Patch, punch, it's the first of the month

Google today posted a fresh round of Android security fixes.…

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Cop a load of this: 1TB of police body camera videos found lounging around public database

The Register - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 23:18
Miscreants grabbed sensitive footage belonging to officers in Miami, elsewhere, it is feared

In yet another example of absent security controls, an infosec biz claims it found a trove of sensitive law enforcement data open to public view – specifically, archives of cop body cam footage.…

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Facebook staff sarin for a bad day: Suspected chemical weapon parcel sent to Silicon Valley HQ

The Register - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 22:27
Postal package triggered test equipment, buildings evacuated, no one exposed

Staff were evacuated today at Facebook's Silicon Valley headquarters after a package believed to contain the chemical weapon sarin was delivered to the antisocial network.…

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Don't tell Alice and Bob: Security maven Bruce Schneier is leaving IBM

The Register - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 16:00
Says bye to Big Blue

Infosec veteran Bruce Schneier has said he'll step down as a "special advisor" to IBM's security business to, in part, focus his time on teaching the next generation of security pros.…

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Yuge U-turn: Prez Trump walks back on Huawei ban... at least the tech sector seems to think so

The Register - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 11:47
Can we get a translator in here?

President Donald Trump said he plans to revoke the ban, or, er, grant some licences to American companies supplying components and services to Chinese telecoms giant Huawei.…

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White House mulls just banning strong end-to-end crypto. Plus: More bad stuff in infosec land

The Register - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 06:57
We'll be over there bashing our head on the wall while you read this

Roundup  As June turns over to July, here are some additional bits of security news besides our regular infosec coverage.…

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Worried about hacker-infested waters? Fret not. Sophos Security SOS Week will come to the rescue this month

The Register - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 06:02
Podcast series tackles hot topics from phishing and privacy to cloud services

Promo  Get up to speed with everything you need to know about keeping yourself and your business safe on the web, social media, and the cloud, without having to leave your desk, during the Sophos Security SOS Week from 8-12 July.…

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Scumbags can program vulnerable MedTronic insulin pumps over the air to murder diabetics – insecure kit recalled

The Register - Fri, 28/06/2019 - 22:35
Not a particularly sweet ending to the week

Health implant maker MedTronic is recalling some of its insulin pumps following the discovery of security vulnerabilities in the equipment that can be exploited over the air to hijack them.…

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Iran's blame-it-on-Bitcoin 'leccy shortage probably isn't a US hack cover story... yet

The Register - Fri, 28/06/2019 - 19:45
But just imagine Stuxnet: Consumer Edition

Comment  Iran claims that recent surges in electricity demand, leading to blackouts and brownouts, were caused by too many cryptocurrency miners’ power-hungry machines being hooked up to the national grid – though all may not be as it seems.…

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While we were raging about Putin's meddling and Kremlin hackers, Five Eyes were pwning Yandex, Russia's Google

The Register - Thu, 27/06/2019 - 22:39
... Are ... are we the baddies?

Hackers from the Five Eyes intelligence agencies have been accused of breaking into systems at Yandex, dubbed Russia's Google.…

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2001: Linux is cancer, says Microsoft. 2019: Hey friends, ah, can we join the official linux-distros mailing list, plz?

The Register - Thu, 27/06/2019 - 20:13
Windows giant cheered on by Linux Foundation as it seeks membership of private security-focused message board

Microsoft's transformation into a fully paid-up member of the Linux love-train continued this week as the Windows giant sought to join the exclusive club that is the official linux-distros mailing list.…

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UK's MoD is helping itself to cops' fingerprint database 'unlawfully', rules biometrics chief

The Register - Thu, 27/06/2019 - 14:40
Paul Wiles: 'Clear and publicly accepted rules' needed for common data platform

The Ministry of Defence has been searching the police national fingerprint database without a “clearly defined lawful basis,” the UK's biometrics commissioner has said.…

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Your server remote login isn't root:password, right? Cool. You can keep your data. Oh sh... your IoT gear, though?

The Register - Thu, 27/06/2019 - 07:58
Not-quite-Iranian file-wiping malware emerges as Tehran blamed for rise in cyber-attacks

Not content to be the focus of the geopolitical news cycle, Iran now also finds itself in the middle of two major developments in the security world.…

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Hey China, while you're in all our servers, can you fix these support tickets? IBM, HPE, Tata CS, Fujitsu, NTT and their customers pwned

The Register - Wed, 26/06/2019 - 23:20
Oh no Xi didn't! Fresh details emerge on mega-hack

Fresh details have emerged revealing just how deeply Chinese government hackers plundered HPE, IBM, DXC, Fujitsu, Tata, and others, stealing corporate secrets and rifling through their customers' networks.…

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Decoding America's spies: What does the NSA's cryptic memo really mean? Citizens illegally spied on again

The Register - Wed, 26/06/2019 - 22:22
Too much data slurped in October, months after snoops vowed not to do that

Analysis  The NSA illegally gathered a trove of American citizens' phone and text message records just four months after it promised it had taken steps to literally not do that again.…

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Epyc crypto flaw? AMD emits firmware fix for server processors after Googler smashes RAM encryption algorithms

The Register - Wed, 26/06/2019 - 21:16
SEV code cracked to leak secret keys

Microchip slinger AMD has issued a firmware patch to fix the encryption in its Secure Encrypted Virtualization technology (SEV), used to defend the memory of Linux KVM virtual machines running on its Epyc processors.…

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It could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Wiltshire or in Bath: Euro cops cuff 6 for cybersquatting, allegedly nicking €24m in Bitcoin

The Register - Wed, 26/06/2019 - 16:30
5 men, 1 woman nabbed

European cops have cuffed six people for typosquatting – in this case spoofing a well known cryptocurrency exchange – and allegedly making off with €24m worth of Bitcoin tokens.…

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Wipro wasn't a one-off: Same hacking crew targeted scores of firms, big and small – researchers

The Register - Wed, 26/06/2019 - 13:30
Thanks in large part to a counter-phishing product. Doh!

The criminals behind the Wipro phishing attack from earlier this year also targeted Western Union, Expedia, Rackspace and a whole host of other big companies, according to threat intel outfit RiskIQ.…

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