Qilin cyber scum leak data they claim belongs to London hospitals’ pathology provider

The Register - Fri, 21/06/2024 - 12:15
At least they didn’t get paid their $50 million ransom demand

The ransomware gang responsible for the chaos at London hospitals kept true to its word and released a trove of data that it claims belongs to pathology services provider Synnovis.…

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Since joining NATO, Sweden claims Russia has been borking Nordic satellites

The Register - Fri, 21/06/2024 - 07:57
If Putin likes jammin', we hope NATO likes jammin' too

Sweden says its satellites have been impacted by "harmful interference" from Russia ever since the Nordic nation joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) last March.…

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Coding error in forgotten API blamed for massive data breach

The Register - Fri, 21/06/2024 - 06:38
Australian telco Optus allegedly left redundant website with poor access controls online for years

The data breach at Australian telco Optus, which saw over nine million customers' personal information exposed, has been blamed on a coding error that broke API access controls, and was left in place for years.…

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Crooks get their hands on 500K+ radiology patients' records in cyber-attack

The Register - Thu, 20/06/2024 - 22:43
Two ransomware gangs bragged of massive theft of personal info and medical files

Consulting Radiologists has notified almost 512,000 patients that digital intruders accessed their personal and medical information during a February cyberattack.…

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Biden puts a bullet in Kaspersky: Sales, updates to be banned in America

The Register - Thu, 20/06/2024 - 22:07
Blockade begins July 20 over national security fears

Breaking news  The Biden administration has banned the sale of Kaspersky software in the United States, arguing the Russian biz is a national security risk.…

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Car dealer software bigshot CDK pulls systems offline twice amid 'cyber incident'

The Register - Thu, 20/06/2024 - 21:50
Downtime set to crash into next week

The vendor behind the software on which nearly 15,000 car dealerships across the US rely says an ongoing "cyber incident" has forced it to pull systems offline for a second time in as many days.…

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Crypto exchange Kraken accuses blockchain security outfit CertiK of extortion

The Register - Thu, 20/06/2024 - 18:35
Researchers allegedly stole $3M using the vulnerability, then asked how much it was really worth

Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has accused a trio of security researchers of discovering a critical bug, expoliting it to steal millions in digital cash, then using stolen funds to extort the exchange for more.…

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Russia's cyber spies still threatening French national security, democracy

The Register - Thu, 20/06/2024 - 13:27
Publishing right before a major election is apparently just a coincidence

A fresh report into the Nobelium offensive cyber crew published by France's computer emergency response team (CERT-FR) highlights the group's latest tricks as the country prepares for a major election and to host this year's Olympic and Paralympic Games.…

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Qilin: We knew our Synnovis attack would cause a healthcare crisis at London hospitals

The Register - Thu, 20/06/2024 - 11:29
Cybercriminals claim they used a zero-day to breach pathology provider’s systems

Interview  The ransomware gang responsible for the current healthcare crisis at London hospitals says it has no regrets about the attack, which was entirely deliberate, it told The Register in an interview.…

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Amtrak confirms crooks are breaking into user accounts, derailing email addresses

The Register - Wed, 19/06/2024 - 14:00
Rail company goes full steam ahead with notification letters to Rewards customers about spilled card details and more

US rail company Amtrak is writing to users of its Guest Rewards program to inform them that their data is potentially at risk following a derailment of their account security. …

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That PowerShell 'fix' for your root cert 'problem' is a malware loader in disguise

The Register - Wed, 19/06/2024 - 08:27
Control-C, Control-V, Enter ... Hell

Crafty criminals are targeting thousands of orgs around the world in social-engineering attacks that use phony error messages to trick users into running malicious PowerShell scripts. …

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Rogue uni IT director pleads guilty after fraudulently buying $2.1M of tech

The Register - Wed, 19/06/2024 - 00:46
Two decades in the clink would be quite an education

A now-former IT director has pleaded guilty to defrauding the university at which he was employed – and a computer equipment supplier – for $2.1 million over five years.…

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Dark-web kingpin puts 'stolen' internal AMD databases, source code up for sale

The Register - Wed, 19/06/2024 - 00:01
Chip designer really gonna need to channel some Zen right now

AMD's IT team is no doubt going through its logs today after cyber-crooks put up for sale what is claimed to be internal data stolen from the US microprocessor designer.…

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EU attempt to sneak through new encryption-eroding law slammed by Signal, politicians

The Register - Tue, 18/06/2024 - 23:22
If you call 'client-side scanning' something like 'upload moderation,' it still undermines privacy, security

On Thursday, the EU Council is scheduled to vote on a legislative proposal that would attempt to protect children online by disallowing confidential communication.…

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CHERI Alliance formed to promote memory security tech ... but where's Arm?

The Register - Tue, 18/06/2024 - 16:04
Academic-industry project takes next step as key promoter chip designer licks its wounds

A group of technology organizations has formed the CHERI Alliance CIC (Community Interest Company) to promote industry adoption of the security technology focused on memory access.…

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Uncle Sam ends financial support to orgs hurt by Change Healthcare attack

The Register - Tue, 18/06/2024 - 14:15
Billions of dollars made available but worst appears to be over

The US government is winding down its financial support for healthcare providers originally introduced following the ransomware attack at Change Healthcare in February.…

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NHS boss says Scottish trust didn't meet attackers' demands

The Register - Tue, 18/06/2024 - 12:29
CEO of Dumfries and Galloway admits circa 150K people should assume their details leaked

The chief exec at NHS Dumfries and Galloway will write to thousands of folks in the Scottish region whose data was stolen by criminals, admitting the lot of it was published after the trust did not give in to the miscreants' demands.…

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VMware by Broadcom warns of two critical vCenter flaws, plus a nasty sudo bug

The Register - Tue, 18/06/2024 - 07:08
Specially crafted network packet could allow remote code execution and access to VM fleets

VMware by Broadcom has revealed a pair of critical-rated flaws in vCenter Server – the tool used to manage virtual machines and hosts in its flagship Cloud Foundation and vSphere suites.…

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Arm security defense shattered by speculative execution 95% of the time

The Register - Tue, 18/06/2024 - 02:11
'TikTag' security folks find anti-exploit mechanism rather fragile

In 2018, chip designer Arm introduced a hardware security feature called Memory Tagging Extensions (MTE) as a defense against memory safety bugs. But it may not be as effective as first hoped.…

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Shoddy infosec costs PwC spinoff and NMA $11.3M in settlement with Uncle Sam

The Register - Tue, 18/06/2024 - 00:47
Pen-testing tools didn't work – and personal info of folks hit by pandemic started appearing in search engines

Two consulting firms, Guidehouse and Nan McKay and Associates, have agreed to pay a total of $11.3 million to resolve allegations of cybersecurity failings over their roll-out of COVID-19 assistance.…

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